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Medical Genetics Research Center
Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Carry out fundamental and applied research in the field of population polymorphisms and genetic diseases in order to improve the quality of health care services to patients and society

Create a database collection, arrangement and classification of records, documents, articles and resources

Create a database of genetic and biological Patients (DNA, RNA and serum) with clinical characteristics of individual patients
Training Manpower for research

Being targeted research activities by encouraging colleagues and researchers

Establish appropriate relationships with research centers in the country and abroad

Production and increasing knowledge of genetics and medical genetics based on the needs of patients with genetic diseases
Training and mentoring graduate students (Masters, PhD, general medicine and specialized flow) in order to conduct thesis research 

As our understanding of the genetic structure of genetic polymorphisms and disease mutations to improve the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment 

Using the latest technology available to investigate genetic genome in Iranian population (according to the needs of society and advances in recent decades in the human genome) 

Efforts to localize the leading technologies such as genetic manipulation, a step toward identifying the mechanism of diseases and their treatment